Friday, 26 September 2014

Chris Leslie MP Starts Proceedings

One major idea underpinning Brilliant Books is that of Role Modelling

When successful people appear at the front of the room talking about how reading was an essential part of their success, then we hope the young people will assimilate the information. 

Much of the time, formal education is foisted upon them in a top-down/on-high fashion and kids lose the point of it somewhere along the line. 

Brilliant Books is funded by the Big Lottery Fund
Hopefully, they will remember the sixteen successful people they meet and connect it with reading.

The first "successful guest" we invited was Chris Leslie, MP for Nottingham East.

You can check Chris's parliamentary biography here.

...and talked about his life as an MP. 

There are 21 kids booked on Brilliant Books and 18 were there today to hear him speak.

with many parents too. 

In the second half - after a fruit break* that saw the kids devour a massive carrier bag of apples, bananas and Clementines - Chris mentored a group of kids on the topic of "My Favourite Journey".

(For those of you who missed last week, my role will be to collect all the writing together and edit, format and create an anthology of their work. This is the second tranche of Brilliant Books. The young people will then have a permanent memento of their time with us).

The children and parents really enjoyed the session and Chris's delivery was pitch perfect.  

If you are reading this, thank you Chris!

We learned valuable lessons too which we will discuss next week - primarily about activity and keeping the kids occupied over two hours at the end of a school day.

Headmistress Sally Pearce and my colleague Phil Pidluznyj, who is co-ordinating the eight-week workshop, opened proceedings earlier.

Next week, we'll be featuring an interview with Mrs Anona Morley, Deputy Head at Seely Primary School, who is working closely with us over the next six months. 

There she is, on the left.

For those of you interested, here is an extract from Clive King's Stig Of The Dump

and for those on the's a brilliant audio file read by Tony Robinson

See you next week, Mark

Here's what Chris said about us on his popular newsletter...

"This week I was a guest at Seely Primary School’s “Brilliant Books” event. I spoke with year 4 and 5 pupils (pictured) about books and reading and how important literacy will be to their development. It was great fun to be invited to read a chapter from a book that I knew when I was younger; in the end I chose to read from the classic ‘Stig Of The Dump’ by Clive King because I thought it fitted with the sense of curiosity that reading can help spark. 

Particular thanks go to Phil Pidluznyj and his colleagues for coming up with the idea which has gained Lottery funding and where Seely Primary could be the first of several schools taking part in the project."


*Empleo Community Interest Company underpin ALL projects with a philosophy of healthy eating, including the supply of fruit and special teas.

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  1. This is great Mark, it's always a good idea to get as many different role models in front of children whilst they're at school as possible. You never know which one is going to inspire which child. Look forward to hearing more.